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MEMBERSHIPS | the solar path

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The Sun Lights The Way...


The Solar Path is a limited Membership Series that's focused on the Sun Seasons and how they light up your journey.

These sessions follow The Sun, offering you one 90 minute Astrology Session each Sun Season (which is roughly one calendar month). This package also includes a 90 minute introductory where we will look at your Natal Chart and make a plan for the year that's customized based on our initial session and your personal needs for the year.

What are you seeking? What needs to be illuminated? What planet is ruling your chart and your year? How can Astrology offer you that next level of guidance? This session is for you. 

Booking opens on 12/21/2021.

This Membership Includes: 

  • One /1/ 90-minute introductory Session/ Natal Chart Reading (yes, even for Returning Clients)
  • Twelve /12/ 90-minute Astrology Readings (one per Sun Season)
  • Special WeRKsheets and gifts based on the customized WeRK we plan
  • Access to The ComMOONity NetWeRK (optional) 


Once your payment is made you will receive an email laying out the next steps. 

Before you complete this purchase please note: You will be making scheduled appointments for the entirety of 2022 during our introductory session and rescheduling options will be limited. These commitments are important. 


There will be NO REFUNDS will be granted after the first 30 days of purchase. 

*Limited payment arrangements are available also. Please reach out if you need a different path to payments.